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Scrappy Applique Workshop

let's make some pretty things together.

What's Scrappy Applique? 

Scrappy Applique is a simple, fun, and quick raw-edge applique technique developed by me, Shannon Brinkley (that's me, looking pensively at Paris).

It's quick to pick up and allows for a lot of creative possibilities. You can totally do it, I promise.

You will collage scrap fabric to create a mosaic look, and I'll show you how to finish it so everything is secure and tidy. 

Author, Designer, Teacher, Shannon Brinkley


Scrappy Applique Process

I'll guide you start to finish through my entire Scrappy Applique process-- from fabric selection and prep to a finished quilt top. Sew along with me or just relax and watch-- up to you!

Live-Streamed in your Home

The class will happen live, so you can ask me questions as they come up, and I'll answer them as we go. I'll send out log-in instructions a week before the class, so you have plenty of time to set it up. (You don't have to be tech savvy for this, it's super simple.) ALSO when you sign up, you'll get an email right away with a pre-recorded class that you can access anytime. 

Members Only Facebook Group

Connect with fellow quilters in our private Scrappy Applique facebook group. Share photos of your progress, ask for feedback, and get inspired by one another's ideas!

Choose Your Favorite Pattern

The class comes with one downloadable pattern. Choose from my library of 150+ pdf patterns! Will you choose an animal? A skyline? One of my sewing themed templates? Each pattern comes in multiple sizes and includes multiple finishing options, so you can choose whatever size and project you like.

Scrappy Applique E-Workbook

Immediately after you sign up, you'll get an email with the Scrappy Applique E-Workbook that you can print out or access digitally. It guides you through the class, provides areas for note taking, as well as my Trouble Shooting Guide, to help with common problems. 

Customize the Process 

There are so many creative possibilities with this process, I'll guide you through all of them, showing you where you can cater the process to perfectly suit your style and preferences. 


How to Make Scrappy Lovely
I'll guide you through selecting fabrics that will work beautifully in your collage. We'll cover color theory principles and discuss different color palette options that'll create a lovely, mosaic look. 

Fabric Prep
I'll walk you through how to prepare your fabric for collaging. Unclear about the diffferent types and uses of fusible webs, interfacings, and stabilizers? I'll clear all that up. We'll also explore how the various cutting patterns create very different effects within your collage.

Creating your Applique Piece
I'll demonstrate how to collage your fabric to create your applique piece, as well as share the many different approaches you can choose from. 

Multiple Finishing Options
There are many different ways you can finish your applique piece. I'll share my Faux-Needle Turn Technique; many different top-stitching options, including Free Motion Top-Stitching; how your thread choice can create very different looks; and how to Master the Satin Stitch, demonstrating each.  

Learn more about Scrappy Applique


Monica says:

I was lucky enough to attend 2 workshops by Shannon. She was delightful and very inspirational. Shannon does a great job of describing and demonstrating her technique. This is a versatile idea that can be adapted to a simple project as well as more complicated ideas. Her patterns are detailed enough to be recognizable but simple enough to allow for all skill levels.  The book is well written and has been a  valuable resource for finishing my pieces.  I am looking forward to creating some pieces using my grandkids artwork and plan to include them in the process.  I would love to take another workshop with Shannon!

Monica Vega
Kansas City, KS

Karen says:

Shannon is a professional speaker/teacher but more than that, she kept the topic fun, interesting and exciting. Our guild members kept telling me how much they learned and what a great teacher you are Shannon. Thank you so much Shannon!

Karen Townsend
Allen, Tx

Amy says:

Shannon knows her field.  She is very knowledgeable; it's refreshing to attend a class and have the instructor be able to answer all of your questions.  Not only will I be using this technique for a long time, Shannon is very personable and friendly.

Amy Campbell
Houston, Tx

Class Packages



  • Live Scrappy Applique Workshop
  • Scrappy Applique E-Workbook
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • Ask me questions during the event
  • Trouble-Shooting Guide
  • Copy of the Recorded Class 
  • PDF Pattern Download
  • Scrappy Applique Kit
  • Signed copy of Scrappy Bits Applique

Class + Kit


$85 value

  • Live Scrappy Applique Workshop
  • Scrappy Applique E-Workbook
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • Ask me questions during the event
  • Trouble-Shooting Guide
  • Copy of the Recorded Class
  • PDF Pattern Download
  • Scrappy Applique Kit
  • Signed copy of Scrappy Bits Applique



$110 value

  • Live Scrappy Applique Workshop
  • Scrappy Applique E-Workbook
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • Ask me questions during the event
  • Trouble-Shooting Guide
  • Copy of the Recorded Class
  • PDF Pattern Download
  • Scrappy Applique Kit
  • Signed copy of Scrappy Bits Applique

Join One or Both Classes

To accommodate different schedules, I am offering 2 different classes. Purchase of the workshop gives you access to both classes, so feel free to tune into one or both.

Happy Hour: 3 hour content-packed evening class
June 22, 2017, 7-10 PM CST

Brunch: 3 hour content-packed Saturday afternoon class
June 24, 2017, 12-3 CST

Enroll Now for $45 USD

Kit Available

Make life easy, and grab a kit! 

Avoid the hassle or confusion over which fusible web or interfacing to choose. Contains everything you need for any Scrappy Applique project, except fabric and coordinating thread. 
Fusible Web 
Fusible Interfacing 
Transparent Thread

Join the Fun!

Join me (Shannon Brinkley) and quilters from around the world for a live online class. 

I will take you through the entire Scrappy Applique process, and the best part is that if you have any questions along the way, you can stop me and ask! (Or maybe the best part is that you can wear yoga pants and drink wine while learning)

You'll not only get access to the 2 live workshops below (and any future live workshops), but also a free digital pattern, an e-workbook, and my full online Scrappy Applique class that you can access at any time.


Can't make this one?


I'm a beginner, will this be too challenging? 

Nope! I've tailored the class to fit all ability levels. Throughout the class I share different options that you can choose to make the project easier or more intricate, so you can pick and choose what you feel like doing. You can totally do this process! I'll be there if you have any questions! 

I've been quilting for a long time, will this class be too basic? 

Absolutely not. This technique is very unique, and you've likely never approached applique in this way before. I regularly have students in my class that have been quilting for 30+ years, and walk away from the class beaming because they had so much fun and learned so much.  

How do I access the class? 

A week before the workshop, I will send an email with detailed instructions on how to log into the webinar portal (it only takes a minute). It is very easy, and if you can navigate technology well enough to buy this class, you can access the portal, I promise! If you have any problems, you can just send me an email. 

How do I view the class?

You can view the class on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. 

Will I be on camera?

No! Don't worry, you can come in your pjs! I (Shannon) will be the only one on camera, but there will be a chat box open, so you can type questions for me and chat with other quilters in the workshop! There is the option to turn on your webcam if you want to show us what you are working on, but that will be up to you. 

What will I need to buy for the class?

The class includes a downloadable pattern of your choice. That pattern has the materials list. If you buy the kit, all you will need are your fabric scraps for the collage, background fabric, and coordinating thread!

Many finishing options so you can make the creative choices that perfectly suit your skills and preferences. 

Perfect for any skill level.